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Ang Thong Marine Park Tour by Big Boat

Ang Thong National Marine Park is a beautiful archipelago of 42 islands famous for its natural beauty, 90 minutes by tour boat to the west of Koh Samui and is one of our most popular tours.

The islands of Ang Thong, or Golden Bowl, cover almost 250Km2 and are each named by the unique size and shape of their geography made so by the limestone karst topography they consist of, which has resulted in spectacular cliffs and rock formations.

Most of the islands are covered either with evergreen, beach or limestone tropical rainforest and the waters surrounding Ang Thong are protected making the marine park a refuge for a variety of wildlife, such as otters, monkeys, boar, bats, lizards, iguanas, pythons, cobras, frogs, Green turtles, Hawksbill turtles, reef sharks, dolphins, whales and 54 species of birds.  You will most likely see some of this wildlife on your tour of Ang Thong Marine Park, so make sure you take your camera along with you!  Among the things to explore on our snorkeling, sightseeing and kayaking tour are caves, hidden lagoons, white sandy beaches and beautiful underwater landscape.

Koh Mae Koh, translated as Mother Island, is perhaps one of the more visited islands in Ang Thong due to its breathtaking view across the whole marine park and being home to the emerald saltwater lagoon in the middle of the island, which is surrounded by dramatic limestone cliffs.  A series of staircases are artfully embedded into the natural landscape to take you to the top, which takes around 20 minutes at a leisurely pace.  Once you reach the top, after a few photos, you can also choose to climb down the other side to the water’s edge of the Emerald Lake to take in the scope of the towering cliffs from below.

Koh Wua Ta Lap is home to the Headquarters of Ang Thong National Marine Park and the parks information center. The island boasts an impressive series of view points every 100m up to the most spectacular at 500m overlooking the whole marine park. The island is well kept, the beach is beautifully soft and white, the water is clean (although typically poor visibility) and there are a number of seated picnic areas for resting. For those looking to spend more than a few hours exploring, there is a reasonably priced camping area where you can stay overnight and use as a base. Wua Ta Lap also features Bua Boke cave roughly 1km from the information center, which has a stunning stalagmite and stalactite geology.

Where is Ang Thong Marine Park?

What's Included in the Tour to Ang Thong Marine Park?

  • The transfer from your hotel to the pier in the morning and back to your hotel when you return is included in the price of your tour.
  • Snorkeling equipment (mask & snorkel) and life jackets are provided throughout the day.  Childrens equipment is available. Please be aware that you must take care of the equipment on loan to you otherwise you may be charged by the company for any loss or damage.
  • Kayaking (2 to a kayak) is included in the cost of your tour*
  • Soft drinks and refreshments are provided free of charge all day.
  • All tour guides speak a good level of English (some also speak German, French, Mandarin and Russian) are first aid trained and have first aid kits available should you pick up any cuts or scrapes throughout the day.
  • If you do suffer from seasickness or have ever suffered from seasickness, medicine is provided free of charge.  Note that you must take this medicine 20 minutes before departing Koh Samui and again 20 minutes before leaving Ang Thong on the return journey.
  • A light breakfast of tea & coffee, toast and jam is provided in the morning on the journey to Ang Thong and a buffet style (self-serving) Thai lunch is also included in the cost.
  • You are fully insured during your snorkeling and kayaking trip to Ang Thong National Marine Park.
  • Admission fee to Ang Thong Marine Park (300 Adults, 150 Children).

*Tours chosen to include kayaking only

What's Not Included in the Tour to Ang Thong Marine Park?

  • Fins (flippers) are not included in the snorkeling equipment provided.
  • Towels and swimming clothes are not provided.
  • Gratuities to crew and staff are not included.

What You Will Do on Your Snorkeling, Sightseeing & Kayaking Tour

The day begins with a transfer from your hotel to the tour boat pier in Nathon, west Koh Samui.  There you will be greeted by the friendly staff who will help you check-in for your tour and ensure they have the correct details for your insurance while on tour.  Please make sure you take your booking voucher with you so that your check-in runs smoothly.  After everyone has arrived and boarded the tour boat, it will depart to Koh Mae Koh in Ang Thong National Marine Park.  Along the way you can enjoy the light breakfast that is provided.

Arriving at Koh Mae Koh, you take a traditional Thai longtail boat to the island where you will have around 2 hours sightseeing and kayaking time.  Your time at Koh Mae Koh begins with kayaking. You will be briefed and geared up for kayaking and then led by a guide along the rugged coastline of Koh Mae Koh exploring hidden caves and kayaking under overhanging cliffs.  After kayaking you will have time to explore Koh Mae Koh where the main point of interest is climbing to the view point which overlooks Thale Nai, the emerald lake that is surrounded by dramatic cliffs, and the whole of Ang Thong Marine Park. You can also climb right down the other side to the edge of the emerald lagoon.  All the tour guides and crew will be more than happy to come along to help you by taking photographs.  Coming back down the staircase can be steep, so please take your time.

Once everyone has returned from Koh Mae Koh’s view point, you will take a longtail boat back to the tour boat where you will be able to enjoy a Thai buffet lunch that has been freshly prepared in the galley. Once you have finished lunch, the boat will cruise to nearby Koh Wua Ta Lap, Ang Thong National Marine Park’s information center, where you will be transferred again by traditional longtail boat to the island.

Here you have 2 hours 30 minutes to visit the information center, relax on the beach or go for a swim, go kayaking for a second time or explore the island. There are plenty of hiking trails, information points and view points to be seen whilst exploring, as well as interesting and exotic wildlife native to the marine park.

After Koh Wua Ta Lap, you will finally head back to Nathon pier in Koh Samui. When you arrive back in Koh Samui, your tour guide will brief you on departing from the boat and getting the right taxi back to your hotel.  Please do not forget any of your personal belongings, such as bags, shoes and towels. If you found the service to be good, we do recommend leaving a small tip upon leaving the boat in the tip box provided (we suggest anything up to 200 Baht) for the captain, crew and tour guide as their monthly salary are not a lot at around 8,000 Baht per month.

Ang Thong Marine Park Tour Itinerary

07:30-08:30Transfer from your hotel to Nathon pier.
08:30-10:00Depart by tour boat to Koh Mae Koh. Enjoy a light breakfast, tea & coffee during the crossing.
10:00-12:00Arrive at Ang Thong Marine Park and start kayaking along the coast or jump on a long tail boat to Koh Mae Koh for the view point and emerald lake.
12:00-12:30Tasty Thai buffet lunch on board the tour boat.
12:30-15:00Arrive at Wua Ta Lap where you can enjoy more kayaking, climb to the panoramic view point at 500m, hike to Bua Boke cave, snorkel off the beach or relax and enjoy the sunshine!
15:00-16:30Depart from Ang Thong Marine Park back to Koh Samui. Tea, coffee & snacks served.
16:30Transfer back to your hotel.

What to Bring to Ang Thong Marine Park

  • Sun protection
  • Swimming clothes
  • Towel
  • Camera
  • Suitable footwear
  • Money for additional drinks or souvenirs

Book Your Trip to Ang Thong National Marine Park

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