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1 Day Visa Run from Koh Samui to Malaysia Border

Do a border bounce on a 1 day visa run from Koh Samui to Malaysia’s border, the quickest and most efficient way to stamp your passport from Koh Samui and extend your stay in Thailand.

This visa run trip is excellent value for money; in just one day you’ll be transported from Koh Samui to Malaysia’s border and back again, with your passport freshly stamped with a new visa. This is a very common and hassle free way of extending your visa without having to return home when it expires.

Different visas have varying lengths of stay and expiry dates. It’s important to check what agreement your country has with Thailand and the visa type you currently have to understand how long a new stamp will allow you to stay for. If you were to stay in Thailand passed your expiry date, overstay charges are currently 500 THB per day. These charges can soon mount up so a border run to Malaysia is the best way to avoid this.

It is possible to get picked up in the morning. Collections are normally from convenient locations on the Koh Samui ring road, as long as seats on the vehicle are available. You are then taken to the Raja Ferry pier in Lipa Noi at around 4:30 in the morning. An early start but well worth it. During the wait for the boats departure, the visa run staff will check your passport so they can understand your visa and prepare for any overstay charges, and give you the necessary visitor cards to fill out for Malaysia and re-entry into Thailand.

You will then board the very first ferry leaving the pier which takes you to the mainland and the group is then transferred to an air conditioned mini bus where you begin the drive to the Malaysian border for the border bounce.

When you arrive at the border, you must first have your passport stamped to leave Thailand. You will then enter and exit Malaysia at their border gate before stamping back into Thailand. The length that a visa run will extend your time in Thailand depends on the type of visa you have. We recommend you read the details on your paperwork very carefully.

But this trip isn’t all work. While you are at the border you’ll have the opportunity to do some duty free shopping in the market at Khun Don before beginning the return journey back to Koh Samui.

After returning from your border run to Malaysia, you should arrive back in Koh Samui between 5:30pm and 6:30pm. You can then choose to be dropped off anywhere along the Koh Samui ring road.

But please note the pick up service is only possible if seats are available. Breakfast and lunch is provided and there will be a further bathroom stop each way to and from the border.

So if you’re travelling to Koh Samui and plan on staying a while past your visa expiry date, we recommend you book a visa run to Malaysia before you head out there and forget all about it! Samuipedia are on hand to offer advice and your driver will be able to explain your visa paperwork on the journey.

The Visa Run Service Route

What's Included in the Visa Run?

  • Pick up – if seats are available
  • Visa run guide/driver
  • Air conditioned mini bus to the border & back
  • Ferry tickets ( only from Koh Samui )
  • Breakfast (fried rice & drink) Or lunch (sandwich & drink)
  • Accident insurance

What's Not Included in Your Visa Run?

  • Overstay charges are not included (currently 500 THB per day)

FYI Important: Who can do to Visa run 1 day:

  • Non B business – 90 days steam
  • Non O married, retired…
  • Tourist Visa only multiple entries ( 2,3.. )

Border Bounce Itinerary

1 day border bounces operate every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  And From Koh Phangan: Pick up from Donsak Raja Ferry pier – not included ferry tickets – at 07.30 am

04:30-05:30Pick up on the Koh Samui ring road
06:00-07:30Ferry crossing to Donsak on the mainland
07:30-12:00Transfer by minibus to the border
12:00-13:00Stamp passports, duty free shopping & lunch
13:00-18:00Transfer back to the pier in Donsak
18:00-19:30Ferry crossing to Koh Samui
19:30-20:30Dropped off along Koh Samui main ring road

What to Bring

  • Money for markets & any snacks you might want to buy from 7-11
  • Personal entertainment, e.g. magazines, music, iPad, etc – it’s a long day

Book Your Visa Run to Malaysia

To book your visa run, please complete the form below. This will notify Samuipedia of your booking and add it to the Shopping Cart if you want to pay for your trip immediately online.
  • Please enter a value between 0 and 10.
  • Choose the date you wish to go before (i.e. expiry date in your passport). Bookings made before 5pm are guaranteed for the following day.
  • Please provide as much detail as possible about where you are staying in Koh Samui, such as the hotel name, address or location and room number.
  • Please check that all the information you have entered is correct. Bookings made before 5pm are guaranteed for the following day. Bookings made after 5pm are subject to availability. Please contact us for up-to-date availability.
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