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Honda PCX Scooter Rental

Honda PCX scooter rentals in Koh Samui are competitively priced and are not insured in case of any accident or damage. As a full service agent who cares about our customers, we’ll take the time to ensure you can ride the bike safely and provide you with helmets at no extra charge.

Renting a Honda PCX scooter gives you the freedom to discover what Koh Samui has to offer at an attractively low price that’ll give you a memorable experience visiting Thailand.

Consider a Honda PCX as the Lexus of the scooter world. A slightly larger & more powerful bike to the Honda Click, with a smoother & more balanced ride and more space under the seat, the PCX is a truly affordable luxury.

When exploring Koh Samui, scooters are much more convenient that cars. Its easy to stop at the side of the road whenever you like, to take a photo or pop into a local shop or restaurant. Motorbikes have the added advantage of having an unobstructed view point that lets you see & experience more than you would from inside a car. Also being on a the back of scooter, you’ll be able to get a great sun tan!

A Honda PCX is an automatic “twist & go” motorbike, with a 150cc engine. It’s very easy to learn to ride, with enough space for a passenger too. We do however recommend, unless you are an experienced rider that each person rides their own scooter, as the additional weight adds to the difficulty of riding and can increase your chances of an accident.

With a 150cc engine, the Honda PCX has a lot more power than other scooters and this gives it the advantage on the steep inclines that can be found around Koh Samui. You can go on an adventure and explore some of the trails that cars cannot.

In any country riding a motorbike can be dangerous but particularly so in Koh Samui because the roads can be sandy or wet, hazardous conditions that can cause accidents. Please be careful when riding around the island and refer to our guide on how to motorbike safely in Koh Samui.

Warning: the level at which drivers obey the rules of the road varies in Thailand. Please be aware of vehicles: speeding, coasting at a very slow speed, turning without indicating or suddenly breaking.

Warning: the roads around Koh Samui are notoriously dangerous. Please allow plenty of breaking distance when wet, dry (sand) and between other vehicles.

Info: It is required by law to wear a helmet. If you are in one of the accidents that frequently occur on Koh Samui it will save your life. The traffic police often set up road blocks to catch people who don't wear them, where an hour of time is spent queuing to pay a fine of 300 baht.

Honda PCX Technical Specifications

StyleNaked Sports
Engine size150cc
Fuel tank9.5L
Number of people1 + 1
Helmets providedYes
Insurance included?No

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