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Toyota Hilux Vigo Pickup Car Rental

Rent a Toyota Hilux Vigo in Koh Samui and easily get you and your belongings about the island for a great day out.

These are just some of the reasons why you should hire a Toyota Vigo in Koh Samui:

  • You’ll see so much more of Koh Samui with your own vehicle than on any professional tour – and you dont have to share it with anybody!
  • You’ll get that true sense of adventure by exploring on your own.
  • You can spend as much time in places as you want, like taking in those breath-taking mountain views!
  • There’s plenty of space in the back for push chairs, picnics, towels, parasols and everything else you need on your day out.

The pickup has space for up to 4 people in the cabin and plenty of room for all of your belongings in the rear. A Toyota Vigo is very convenient for getting about Koh Samui; its comfortable on roads and can handle more rugged terrain if you want to explore deeper into the heart of the island. And of course it’s much cheaper than jumping into a taxi, and you can go wherever you want, whenever you want.

While our daily and weekly car hire rates are suited to short term visitors to Koh Samui, we also have very competitive monthly rates for those looking to stay for longer periods.

Please read our guide to driving in Koh Samui, which contains some useful information and things to consider when taking to the roads in Koh Samui.

Gasoline: There are several gasoline stations on the main ring road around the island. Typically PTT stations (blue color) are the cheapest. When you enter a gasoline station, make sure you go to the pump that has the right gasoline for your car. Release the gasoline cap on your car, tell the pump attendant how much gasoline in Baht you would like and they will fill up your car for you, take your money and return with your change. Receipts are only issued if requested.

Warning: the level at which drivers obey the rules of the road varies in Thailand. Please be aware of vehicles: speeding, coasting at a very slow speed, turning without indicating or suddenly breaking.

Warning: the roads around Koh Samui are notoriously dangerous. Please allow plenty of breaking distance when wet, dry (sand) and between other vehicles.

Beware of motorbikes either side of your car before turning. They are small, fast and often difficult to see until it is too late.

Toyota Hilux Vigo Technical Specifications

Car SizeLarge
Number of people4
Air ConditioningYes
Engine size2.0L
FeaturesAir bags, power assisted steering, radio
Insurance included?Yes

Rent a Toyota Hilux Vigo Pickup in Koh Samui

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