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Bikram Yoga

Yoga is an essential part of contemporary approaches to healthiness and wellness worldwide. Yoga on Koh Samui is offered by a collection of professional foreign freelance yoga instructors who deliver courses, classes sessions at various resorts and spas, plus a few centers on Koh Samui providing yoga retreats and fasting programs.

Where You Can Find Bikram Yoga

About Bikram Yoga in Koh Samui

For stimulating Bikram yoga, Koh Samui is a real hot spot – and we mean that literally. Bikram yoga, also known as ‘hot yoga’, is the order of the day here. You’ll be working up a sweat A-List style in a temperature controlled studio, performing powerful body toning moves that will leave you positively glowing with health and vitality. Bikram has attracted a devoted celebrity following, and with good reason – this is Yoga at its most intense and rewarding.

If you’re a newcomer to Bikram yoga, Koh Samui is the perfect setting for you to become acquainted with its various benefits. Certified instructors or Yogis will guide you through the 26 Asanas – that’s ‘postures’ or ‘poses’ to the uninitiated – and help you to achieve the correct breathing techniques in the 90 minute class that is designed for all levels of ability.

Looking to pack as much into your visit as possible? Yoga is a perfect partner for many of the more daring pursuits that the island of Koh Samui has to offer – it’s a great way to unwind between thrills. Or perhaps you’re desperately seeking peace and tranquility? Combine yoga with a massage or spa treatment to relax and revitalise.

Bikram yoga is a series of 26 Hatha Yoga Postures (asanas) and 2 breathing exercises conducted in a heated room. The heat warms up your whole body and allows you to work deeper into your muscles, tendons and ligaments to change your body from the inside out.

Bikram Yoga is a process that can reduce the symptoms of many conditions and is an excellent preventive activity to maintain optimum health by increasing flexibility, improving circulation and reducing stress.

All classes are 90 minutes long and designed for all levels. In time, you will learn to focus your mind and control your breath, leading you to work harder, deeper and calmer.

As you improve, you will realize the true meaning of Yoga: a union of the body, mind and soul.

Who is Bikram?

Born in Calcutta in 1946, Bikram began Yoga at the age of four with India’s most-renowned physical culturist at that time, Bishnu Ghosh.  At the age of thirteen, he won the National India Yoga Championship. He was undefeated for the following three years. At seventeen, an injury to his knee during a weight-lifting accident brought the prediction from leading European doctors that he would never walk again.  Not accepting their prognosis, he had himself carried back to Bishnu Ghosh’s school for he knew that if anyone could help to heal his knee it was his teacher. Six months later his knee had totally recovered. Ghosh was a celebrated physical culturist and the first to scientifically document Yoga’s ability to cure chronic physical ailments and heal the body, especially chronic physical ailments.

Bikram is the founder of Yoga College of India and has studied the benefits of yoga at some of the worlds leading medical research centers. Bikram’s method has also been approved by the American Medical Association. Bikram is one of the most knowledgeable hatha yoga teachers and has brought his curative method of yoga worldwide with now over 3 million followers.

Why the Heat?

  • It allows a deeper and safer stretch for greater flexibility
  • It flushes toxins out of the body and boosts the immune system
  • It creates a cardiovascular workout & clears the circulatory system
  • It increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients into the body cells, which generate more energy
  • It burns calories and reorganizes lipids (fat) in the muscular structure
  • It builds endurance

What are the Benefits of Bikram Yoga?

One of the main benefits of hot yoga is the heat warms up your whole body and allows a deeper & safer stretching of your muscles, tendons and ligaments. This provides greater flexibility, endurance, burns calories and reorganises lipids (fats) in the muscle structure, while flushing out toxins from the body.

The exercise of Bikram Yoga can reduce the symptoms of many conditions and is an excellent preventive activity to maintaining health & vitality by boosting the immune system, improving circulation & reducing stress.

The practice of yoga dates back 5000 years and its benefits have been repeatedly observed and documented over time. With regular practice, discipline and honest effort you will:

  • Reshape your body and lose weight
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Tone and lengthen your muscles
  • Stretch and strengthen your spine
  • Relieve and prevent back pains
  • Release stress and reduce its effects
  • Sweat, get rid of toxins and improve your skin
  • Improve your breathing & respiratory system
  • Learn to gain control of your mind and to meditate
  • Test & Improve your determination, focus & patience
  • Increase your balance and coordination
  • Reduce the risk of sport injuries
  • Enhance your performance in anything you do
  • Balance your metabolism, and stimulate your auto- immune system
  • Increase your energy level and stamina
  • Sleep better, eat better and drink more water
  • Fall in love with your whole self and improve your quality of life

Who is Your Yoga Teacher?

Lola Lavaud

With a philosophy degree and a background in the healing arts, Lola has studied, practised and taught Hatha Yoga around the world. Bikram Yoga has transformed her life and inspired her to create a studio to share the wonders of Bikram Yoga, here on the beautiful island of Koh Samui.

‘Yoga teaches you to realize who you are’

Bikram Yoga Class Schedule


How to Prepare for Your Bikram Yoga Class

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before class.
  • The room is hot, be prepared to sweet!
  • Wear lightweight workout clothes.
  • Bring water (also available for purchase at the studio).
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day before class and after class. We advice don’t drink too much water during class.
  • Come to class on an empty stomach and you can eat fruit up to one hour before class.
  • Price is per session (1.5 hours).

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Book Your Bikram Yoga Class in Koh Samui

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