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Eranda Herbal Spa

Eranda Herbal Spa has been rejuvenating and invigorating visitors since it opened its doors in 2002. The tropical setting and indulgent luxury all add up to make this a must do activity when you next holiday in Koh Samui.

Multi award winning Eranda Spa is situated just 5 minutes from Samui airport and just off the Chaweng beach road. Set within the tranquil north east hills, as you approach the spa grounds you will be amazed by the views.

The friendly professional Thai staff at Eranda are focussed on delivering quality and making the right impression on their guests, while respecting the wonderful natural environment that surrounds the grounds.

Eranda Herbal Spa offers a great number of services and treatments to its guests. Choose from their large selection of massages including the Eranda Signature which fuses Western and Eastern influences. The therapist uses their hands and arms in this full body massage, combining relaxing essential oils.

This health spa also offers special treatments for pregnant women that helps to relieve stress, and the spa is also famous for their expert sports and hot stone therapy.

The decor speaks luxury, inside and out. From the air conditioned private salas to the breathtaking outdoor steam rooms that have been formed out of the natural rocks, you really will be in heaven. And if that’s not enough, there’s a private sauna, plunge pool and beautiful tropical gardens to relax and unwind in.

But Eranda Herbal Spa isn’t just about massage. They offer a range of facial treatments including the amazing Pure Gold facial and Ino Sensi which is suitable for those with very sensitive skin. Perfect after days in the hot sunshine and you see an immediate difference.

And if the traditional therapy wasn’t enough, Eranda spa also offers you some retail therapy too! You can purchase all of the essential oils, creams and serums that are use in their treatments. All are made from 100% natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.

Their selection of body wraps, scrubs and luxurious shower sets mean you can continue to pamper yourself back at the hotel or when you get home.

So if all that sounds like your idea of heaven, book your day at the Eranda Herbal Spa today through Samuipedia and plan your relaxation in advance.

Where You Can Find Eranda Herbal Spa

About Eranda Herbal Spa

Eranda Herbal Spa was purpose built in Koh Samui on the beautiful hillside in north Chaweng, overlooking lush tropical gardens and the tops of coconut palms out to the glistening ocean. Immediately, its secluded and elevated location encourages a feeling of escapism. Eranda Herbal Spa in Koh Samui accurately encapsulates the reasons why the ancients sought peace and enlightenment on mountain sides and hilltops.

Service is a practiced art-form at Eranda. As soon as you arrive at the reception, you’re welcomed by a smiling receptionist who offers you an ice-cold ginger and tamarind juice. She then helpfully guides you through the list of services on offer and providing samples of all the essential oils and treatments used.

When it comes to choice of spa treatments, Eranda is a cut above the rest on Koh Samui. There are nine different body-scrubs including an excellent ginger cream scrub which has proven anti-cellulite and firming qualities and a wide range of body-wraps with the Moroccan Red Clay & Roselle Wrap great for naturally exfoliating dead skin cells before nourishing the new ones.

Eranda Herbal Spa also provides excellent spa packages for a half or full day. The couples 4 ½ hour Eranda experience (with its herbal steam, Jacuzzi, body-scrubs, body-wraps, massages, facials and foot massages) is a highly recommended package for couples.

There are 8 private treatment suites (6 have their own Jacuzzi and steam room) at Eranda, spaciously spread throughout the spa grounds; spa facilities just don’t come better than these.

Whether you opt for a traditional Thai massage by one of Eranda’s Wat Po trained masseuses (they have a resident massage teacher too), their unique oil massage successfully blending Thai and occidental techniques in a most enjoyable way or feel totally self-indulgent choosing to spoil yourself with one of the fabulous spa packages, you’ll be sure of having a great experience with Eranda Herbal Spa in Koh Samui.

Eranda Herbal Spa & Massage Treatments

Anti-Cellulite Massage 90-120 minutes

This is a special massage which concentrates on stimulating the blood vessels in the skin, mainly in the areas where cellulite is most prevalent. This clears the lymph cells of toxins and leaves your skin with a healthy glow.

Hot Stone Therapy Massage 90-120 minutes

Water-treated stones are placed in strategic sites on the body to promote relaxation and to help open up meridians or energy lines. The heated stones make deep tissue manipulations easier to perform and they also assist in the release of toxins, improve the circulation and help sufferers of insomnia.

IIYAKO Gold Facial Treatments Approx. 90 minutes

Complete deep cleansing facial

Gold & Swallow’s Net Gel Face Scrub

Anti-wrinkle and Muscle Stimulation Massage

IIYAKO Facial Yoga

  • Seaweed Cream and Liquid Peeling Mask
  • Gold Enriched Moisturizing Oil
  • 99.99% Gold Leaf Facial Mask
  • Absolute Ionic Toner Water

It facilitates the removal of toxins and waste materials; assists lymphatic drainage; improves blood circulation; enhances skin elasticity and accelerates cell renewal.

Samui Sensation (our most popular package) Approx. 2 hours 35 minutes

  • Herbal Steam & Plunge Pool 30 minutes
  • Eranda Signature Massage 90 minutes
  • Face or Foot Massage 35 minutes
  • Refreshing Spa drink

This is the most popular Eranda Spa package and it’s no surprise. Right from the relaxing herbal steam, through the exceptional massage and to the refreshing drink at the end you will find that this experience leaves you feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated.

The Eranda Experience for Honeymooners & Lovers Approx 4 hours 15 minutes

  • Herbal Steam & Jacuzzi 30 minutes
  • Rice Milk Body Scrub 35 minutes
  • Pandan Herbs Wrap 35 minutes
  • Eranda Signature Massage 60 minutes
  • Foot Reflexology Massage 35 minutes
  • Facial Treatment by Jurlique 60 minutes
  • IIYAKO Facial Yoga Japanese Style
  • Refreshing spa drinks & seasonal fresh fruits

This is the perfect package for those wanting to escape and indulge for a few hours. In the privacy and tranquility of your own private sala your therapists will work their magic to fully rejuvenate and instill a sense of well-being for a truly memorable experience.

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