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Muay Thai Boxing at Petchbuncha Stadium

Watch professional Muay Thai Boxing at Petchbuncha Stadium and get right into the heart of this well loved traditional Thai sport.

Muay Thai is the king of martial arts and is battled out frequently across Thailand and much of South East Asia. The intricate and well practised moves need to be executed accurately by the fighters, making it one of the most dangerous of the sports. This is a full body contact sport, with every limb being used to compete.

Commonly known as the Art of the Eight Limbs, Muay Thai’s many expert moves include the Spinning Backfist, the Uppercut, Elbow Slash and the Cobra Punch.

If you enjoy getting into the spirit of local pastimes and traditions, watching Muay Thai Boxing at Petchbuncha Stadium has to be right up there on the most popular things to do in Koh Samui list. There are even a number of Muay Thai boxing lessons that can be taken in the training gym area of the Petchbuncha Stadium.

The whole island gets involved and swept along with this sport and in the days leading up to a big boxing match trucks drive through the town, playing music and publicising the events through loud speakers. Muay Thai certainly generates a really excitable party atmosphere.

Petchbuncha Stadium is the most recent sports arena to be built in Chaweng and is situated very close to Laem Din Market in Chaweng, Koh Samui. Incidentally, Laem Din Market is a great place to eat traditional Thai dishes if you’re on a budget.

This high energy and action packed sport is so exciting it doesn’t matter if you choose a ring side seat or one in the stands, you’ll be swept along by the atmosphere generated by the crowd. The locals and the island’s visitors all get involved.

You’ll enjoy watching Muay Thai Boxing at Petchbuncha Stadium to the sound of traditional Thai music and a very entertaining commentator, keeping you informed on the names and backgrounds of the fighters and their standing.

If you are into boxing then you’ll love this sport. Book your tickets to see up to 10 exciting bouts of undiluted Muay Thai boxing at Petchbuncha Stadium every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, starting at 21:00. Get right in the heart of the action and witness this thrilling, fast paced martial art in its traditional setting of Koh Samui.

Where You Can Find Petchbuncha Stadium

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