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Kiteboarding Refresher/Improver

Learn from friendly English speaking expert instructors who have spent years perfecting their Kitesurfing skills. They’re ready and waiting to impart their knowledge and bring you back up to speed with the latest techniques and safety practices.

Do you need to be reminded of the basics of Kitesurfing? Maybe you had a few lessons the last time you were in Koh Samui and are feeling a little rusty. Well the Kiteboarding Refresher/Improver course is for you.

The Kiteboard Refresher is for people that haven’t practised the sport for a while and want to get up to speed as soon as possible. With a few handy reminders and new tricks and tip you’ll be riding those waves again in no time at all.

The Kiteboard Improver course is more for those who have taken a few beginner courses before or perhaps are self taught and want to see more of an improvement. Do you want to learn some cool tricks to impress your friends? Or maybe you fall in the water a lot? Then this course will be ideal for you!

During the Kiteboarding Refresher/Improver lessons your instructor will be riding along in the sea with you and you will be able to converse with them using a 2 way radio that has been mounted inside your helmet. This is by far the best way to perfect your chosen sport.

The waters are relatively still around the island due to the coral reef protection, making it ideal Kiteboarding conditions.

During the lesson you’ll go over accurate control of your board with varying speeds and changes in direction, including edging and upwind riding. You’ also perfect a self launch and how to land a jump on your Kiteboarding Refresher/Improver course.

Covered by the International Kite Organisation and Kite Safe Asia, you know you’re in safe hands with these instructors.

And don’t worry if you didn’t bring your kit with you. You can choose to hire or purchase top of the range equipment at the Kiteboarding and Water Sports shop right there on the beach.

So there really are no excuses to getting back into Kiteboarding. If you know you’re heading out to Koh Samui soon and want to brush up on those water sports skills we recommend you book your place through Samuipedia and you’ll be back out on the water in no time.

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