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Kiteboarding 1 Day Discovery

The Kiteboarding 1 Day Discovery Course in Koh Samui will teach you everything you need to know about this thrilling water sport.

Are you looking for some excitement when you next travel to Koh Samui? Do you love to have a sense of action and adventure and have a predisposition to learning new things?

If that sounds like you then you’ll love this Kiteboarding 1 Day Discovery course. Run on the beautiful white sand of the Chaweng beach, this kitesurfing course will also give you the opportunity to fully appreciate the amazing ocean view of the island.

Very similar to the first day of the Kiteboarding 3 Day Course, this taster session will take you through all the skills to get you started. You’ll learn all about how to use the equipment safely and how to rig the board. And at the end you’ll get a IKO certified members card.

You’ll begin your kiteboarding discovery course by learning about your surroundings and respecting the sea. Although the water surface is normally very flat and calm due to the coral reef protection below, the sea can still be a dangerous place. That said, this course is perfect for the beginner kitesurfer and will give you a skill that you can continue back home in the UK at any of the great water sport centres.

You’ll then move on to setting up your kiteboard and moving from the beach into the sea while keeping your kite flying. This is an amazing skill to master! Once you get in the water you’ll learn to control the speed and direction of your board and the wind pulls the kite at thrilling speeds.

There’s a shop where you can hire or buy every piece of equipment you can think of. Hiring the kit is perfect if you’re just trying out the sport. But if you find you are bitten by the bug, like so many visitors do, there are some excellent deals to be had. You can buy accessories and clothing from all the big brands including Cabrinha, F-one, Nobile, Airush, North, Slingshot, Ozone, Peter Lynn, Mystic, Naish and RRD. Just make sure you have room in your luggage!

Why not experience a rush of adrenalin in the great outdoors with this fantastic Kiteboarding 1 Day Discovery Course when you next travel to Koh Samui. Book your classes in advance through Samuipedia.

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