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Koh Phaluai – Green Island

Discover Green Island – Koh Phaluai

Green Island – Koh Phaluai Song Pee Nong Beach

Koh Phaluai is located south of the Angthong National Marine Park west of Koh Samui. It is divided into 2 parts, the southern part which is inhabited by about 500 people, mainly fishermen, and the northern part, still virgin, since it is part of the National Park.

The island of Koh Phaluai is for nature lovers and eager to spend a stay away from the more hectic destinations surrounding. Rich in nature and beaches, the island is called “Green Island” because these energy resources come mainly from solar panels and wind turbines.

We invite you to discover this wonderful Green island and come to stay by booking through our website your next stay.

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