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Koh Samui Weddings: Memories that Last Forever

buddha wedding ceremonyThe romance of Koh Samui weddings is very real and quite amazing. For many reasons, this wondrous tropical island draws ever more couples, to begin their lives together or to renew their vows. Getting married on a lovely paradise isle will be more than memorable, it’ll be transcendent.

As more people are discovering, most Koh Samui is a great place to get married.  Weddings are tailored entirely to your own personal tastes but with base packages guiding you to what is possible and what will be remembered for a lifetime.  Since each couple is totally unique, a marriage should be made special for each guest of the affair – and most importantly, for the bride and groom. That’s why many couples have been gravitating to what’s on offer on this wonderful island.

newly married couple on the beach at sunsetWhat’s another great aspect about weddings in Koh Samui? Especially in today’s economy, weddings held in Thailand are typically less expensive than in Western and many other Asian countries. Good to know as well that this hold’s true even if you bring along your friends and family! What could be nicer than treating everyone to an amazing holiday ceremony, in a place where cool breezes and delicious food complement white sandy beaches and calm azure waters?

How couples want to hold their ceremony is entirely up to them. Many opt for traditional Thai-style events, with unique cultural touches like a drum procession and blessings given by Buddhist monks. Or, some use the sublime tropical background as a backdrop to Western format ceremonies. There are numerous companies dedicated to making all the arrangements, including ensuring that all the proper paperwork is signed at the correct time and place.

traditional buddha wedding ceremonyElect for a Koh Samui beach wedding timed at sunset and no ceremony could be more romantic. Or hold your event on a yacht with singing tropical waters as the choir. Any of these choices are practically guaranteed to make your bespoke Koh Samui wedding talked about for years to come.

Samui’s wild night time entertainment can add an exciting splash to a couples respective hen/bachelorette & stag/bucks/bachelor parties. There are several well-known dance clubs in the Chaweng and Lamai areas, and you can find many uniquely themed restaurants and bars in towns all across the island.

beach wedding ceremonyFor those remaining days after your most romantic of days, the island offers a non-stop selection of daytime activities. These include safari jeep rides, zip-line rides through jungle canopy, tropical elephant treks and many water sports options, such as snorkeling and scuba dive trips.

Many couples choose to hold their special events in sumptuous villas where every guest’s needs are attended to with gracious care. The loving energy symbolized in Koh Samui weddings is always made more palpable by friendly Thai people, who seem to thrive on seeing that guests feel relaxed and totally at ease.

As Thailand becomes the most popular country for couples to be married, Samui is increasingly recognized as the ideal place for the event. Come, and be joined together in paradise!

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A professional PADI & BSAC trained scuba diver with over 8 years experience living & working in Koh Samui, Thailand.

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