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Honda Phantom Motorbike Rental

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The Honda Phantom TA200 is a Thai-made middleweight retro cruiser motorbike. With a 200cc engine, the Phantom has all the looks of a big bike with only a little bit of the power, so it’s great for beginners to hire and jump on to ride around Koh Samui with very little experience.

Being a larger bike and low to the ground, the Phantom is a stable, easy ride, with excellent fuel economy and even though it’s fitted with a manual gearbox, beginner riders will find it comfortable shifting gear.

What better way is there to explore paradise than on the back of a motorbike? A motorbike rental is not only the cheapest way to explore the island but it’s one of the must-do experiences on your holiday in Thailand. There’s nothing like the freedom of the road, and you’ll take in the sights and sounds, exploring soi after soi (street after street) on your own custom adventure.

The roads of Koh Samui are not as forgiving as others you might have been on, so ensure you exercise good caution and before renting, familiarise yourself with our top tips on riding motorbikes in Koh Samui.

Warning: the level at which drivers obey the rules of the road varies in Thailand. Please be aware of vehicles: speeding, coasting at a very slow speed, turning without indicating or suddenly breaking.

Warning: the roads around Koh Samui are notoriously dangerous. Please allow plenty of breaking distance when wet, dry (sand) and between other vehicles.

Info: It is required by law to wear a helmet. If you are in one of the accidents that frequently occur on Koh Samui it will save your life. The traffic police often set up road blocks to catch people who don't wear them, where an hour of time is spent queuing to pay a fine of 300 baht.

Honda Phantom Technical Specifications

Style Cruiser
Engine size 200cc
Transmission Manual 5 speed
Fuel tank 11L
Number of people 1 + 1
Helmets provided Yes
Insurance included? Yes

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