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Honda CBR 250R Motorbike Rental

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Our Honda CBR 250R motorbike rentals in Koh Samui are rigorously maintain, competitively priced and fully insured. Rider and pillion helmets provided.

Renting a Honda CBR 250R in Koh Samui is all about looking good and feeling good riding. With its big sports bike looks, it’s a fantastic all-round bike: lightweight, agile, a great ride, unmatched reliability and excellent fuel efficiency…and this all adds up to an amazingly fun ride!

As a Honda, the CBR 250R is packed full of features and a build quality few other bikes in its class can match, and it’s made right here in Thailand. We have both models for hire; with and without ABS, which inexperienced riders will appreciate. Comfort is guaranteed and the suspension is perfect for the road conditions you can encounter in Koh Samui.

Exploring Koh Samui by motorbike is a wonderful experience, offering a much more insightful experience than you would perhaps gain by car, with the flexibility to stop anywhere, any time, at your convenience. Another thing to shout about is our prices…you simply wont find these rates anywhere in Koh Samui that includes full insurance.

The CBR 250R has a 249cc engine and isn’t a bike for complete beginners but will suit those with some riding experience. Unless you’re experienced though, we don’t recommend pillion riders as the additional weight and balance requirements along with the road conditions in Koh Samui lends to a higher risk of an accident.

In Koh Samui, the roads have a reputation for being hazardous. They are no more so than anywhere else in Thailand and the real reason for so many injuries is reckless riding and not wearing a helmet. As long as you ride responsibly with proper care and attention, riding around the island is as safe as riding at home. For more information, you can refer to our guide on how to ride a motorbike safely in Koh Samui.

Warning: the level at which drivers obey the rules of the road varies in Thailand. Please be aware of vehicles: speeding, coasting at a very slow speed, turning without indicating or suddenly breaking.

Warning: the roads around Koh Samui are notoriously dangerous. Please allow plenty of breaking distance when wet, dry (sand) and between other vehicles.

Info: It is required by law to wear a helmet. If you are in one of the accidents that frequently occur on Koh Samui it will save your life. The traffic police often set up road blocks to catch people who don't wear them, where an hour of time is spent queuing to pay a fine of 300 baht.

Honda CBR 250R Technical Specifications

Style Sports
Engine size 250cc
Transmission Manual 6 speed
Fuel tank 13L
Number of people 1 + 1
Helmets provided Yes
Insurance included? Yes

Rent Your Honda CBR 250R

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