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Samui Snake Farm

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Visit Samui Snake Farm and have the opportunity to come face to face with some of the world’s most feared reptiles!

Samui Snake Farm is a highly entertaining and educational family attraction where you will see some of the amazing reptiles native to Koh Samui and Thailand.

Encounter the deadly King Cobra & Malayan Krait up close and personal along with other species of poisonous snake. You will see lizards native to the jungle of Samui, have the chance wrestle a crocodile & hold a mighty Burmese python. And if all that wasn’t enough, you can then watch the exhilarating snake & scorpion show.

If you are looking for a day out that the whole family can enjoy, the Samui Snake Farm is definitely right up there in the to do list.

Located a world away from the bustling tourist areas in the quiet south west corner of Koh Samui, near Phangka Bay, you will be surrounded by lush tropical jungle that has remained undisturbed.

Home to the famous Scorpion Queen & Centipedes King, Samui Snake Farm proudly holds 2 Guinness World Records including The Longest Stay with Scorpions and The Longest Stay with Centipedes, and you have the opportunity to meet these fearless record holding staff! If you’re brave enough, maybe you will let one of these creepy crawlies sit on your hand!

The snake farm holds 2 animal shows a day and have tantalised groups from far and wide for years.

The Samui Snake Farm boast quite a selection of the 170 impressive snake species that are native to Thailand, where only 50 are venomous. You will be able to meet a King Cobras, which is one of the largest venomous snakes in the world, monocled cobras, tree snakes and whip snakes. You will also see shows starring pythons, scorpions, crocodiles, warans and even a cobras formidable nemesis, the mongoose!

You can even witness a fascinating cock fight, which is a very popular Thai tradition – don’t worry, the animals do not get hurt during this demonstration. As with all of the animal shows at the Samui Snake Farm and during your tour of the farm that includes a small museum, you are told about the history of the animals and their significance in Asian cultures and traditions. This feature makes it an excellent learning experience for the whole party.

If nature and animals are something that draws you to far flung lands like Thailand, then a visit to the Samui Snake Farm is bound to interest you. You will come away really feeling like you’ve learned something, while being able to say you have witnessed some truly amazing demonstrations.

This is a popular destination so we recommend you book your places in advance rather than waiting until you arrive in Koh Samui.

Where You Can Find Samui Snake Farm

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