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Kiteboarding Private Lesson

Take a private kiteboarding lesson with the best instructors on the Thai island of Koh Samui. Want to learn this exhilarating water sport and be the envy of all your friends while getting fit in the process? Then this private Kiteboarding lesson sounds right up your street.

Koh Samui is an amazing location if you are looking for a tropical getaway. Whether you want to relax or be active, Samui has it all. The tropical weather makes for great water sport conditions and what better place to learn Kiteboarding than on these white sandy beaches and blue ocean waters.

The popular Kiteboarding Private Lessons are a great idea if you’re new to the sport or prefer the more intensive training you get from this teaching format.

Everyone learns at different speeds and to different degrees but we can all agree that one on one tuition like this is always the best way to perfect a new skill. This Kiteboarding Private Lesson is a full on one day course that can take you from complete beginner to a fully fledged kiteboarder ready to go it alone.

And because you have the instructor’s undivided attention, you can get the opportunity to focus on a particular aspect of kiteboarding until you’re happy with your progress, rather than being held back by others if in a larger group.

The Kiteboarding Private Lesson really is the fast track to becoming a better boarder.

Throughout the private lesson your instructor will be out on the water with you and you’ll be able to speak to each other using the 2 way radio that’s mounted within your safety helmet.

You’ll learn to ride upwind, how to perform smooth turns without stopping, you’ll perfect the art of re launching on the water and jumping. And if your friends are hanging out on the beach watching, you might even get some cool photos to take home!

The instructor centre has a shop on location where you can hire all the equipments and accessories you need to complete you Kiteboarding Private Lesson. And after the course, if you find you’ve been bitten by the kiteboarding bug, you can buy any number of things from boards to kites, and footwear to wetsuits.

So if you are heading out to Koh Samui soon, book the popular Kiteboarding Private Lessons with Samuipedia and learn a new skill that could last you a lifetime.

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